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Women's health needs a big change. For too long, female pleasure and vital medications for women's beauty and health weren't given enough attention. Now, we're making a difference. Our treatments were created for women, by a team of female practitioners specializing in holistic women's health and wellness.

Meet Dr. Kirsten Johnson

MD, MPH, Everbliss Medical Expert

“We’re breaking down the stigma around women’s health by empowering them to take charge of their bodies and reclaim their pleasure.”

-Dr. Kirsten Johnson, MD, MPH

As a professor, physician, humanitarian and women’s rights activist, Dr. Kirsten Johnson observed the gap in women-centric holistic support and treatment. Everbliss was created to fill this gap and to give women the tools they need to enjoy sex and feel even more amazing in their bodies.
Dr. Johnson is passionate about empowering women to take ownership of their bodies and reclaim their pleasure through industry-leading treatments that enable and enhance sexual and overall well-being.

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Think pleasurable sex and optimal beauty are out of reach? Think again. Our team of licensed health practitioners can help you power your pleasure and enhance your beauty with mindfully designed medicine to support your sexual health.