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EVERBLISS Editorial Team, Process & Policy

EVERBLISS is Canadian women’s premier source for authoritative information that guides their health and wellness journey. Our editorial team has designed and implemented an editorial process and policy that maintains our high-quality standards across the whole site.

We assure our readers that every post they encounter on our website has undergone a rigorous editorial process. Here’s a closer look at our content creation process!

Creating Authoritative Content For You

At EVERBLISS, we are committed to helping women over the age of 21. These people are developing health conditions that are unique to them. We understand how these changes can affect anyone — both physically and mentally. As such, our team aims to create content that effectively helps these women come to terms with one of the most significant stages of their lives. Our content creation process involves:

Content Research and Development

We have an editorial team behind every article published on this website. Our editorial team brainstorms article ideas that we believe are most beneficial for our readers. We also consider the latest trends in women’s health and wellness. This way, we guarantee our readers that we provide timely and relevant content.

Once our editorial team has a list of potential topics to guide our content creation efforts, we conduct extensive research. We scour through reputable sources, including medical journals and federal reports. Our team makes sure to back every claim we make with scientific evidence. You can rest assured that all of our research is correct at the time of writing.

Writing and Editing

Our team of writers and editors creates every EVERBLISS article you find on our website. We ensure that all information is clear and accurate. We believe that our target audience wants to get the healthcare information they’re looking for quickly and efficiently. As such, we create digestible content that readers of all reading levels can benefit from.

Apart from ensuring that our readers can easily consume our content, our editing team must confirm that everything is correct. We double-check every claim we make and ensure authoritative sources are backing them. Our team will also confirm that the source is relevant to the information presented in the article. Finally, we publish our content and make it accessible to everyone.

Monitoring and Updating

We understand that the healthcare industry changes every day, which is bound to affect our published content. Since we keep up with the latest trends in the world of healthcare and wellness surrounding women over 21, we can easily update our existing work to reflect the new developments.

Our content creation team also considers the developments in the digital landscape. As algorithms constantly update, we must adjust to ensure that our potential readers can easily find our pages when they need information. That’s why we constantly update our pages to meet the latest demands of the internet.


Our team is dedicated to delivering high-quality content to women seeking information about their unique, age-related conditions. We know that not everyone has immediate access to doctors who are willing to answer their questions, so EVERBLISS aims to bridge that gap by providing accessible and accurate information through sufficiently-researched and well-written content.

At EVERBLISS, our team is composed of writers, editors, and researchers with years of experience creating valuable content. With seasoned experts behind every blog post on our website, we confidently meet our goals of delivering informative content to everyone who needs it.

High Standards for Even Higher Quality: Our Editorial Policy

Our editorial policy outlines the standards we follow to maintain the accuracy and integrity of the posts published on the EVERBLISS website. We aim to provide our readers with accurate and relevant information. Anyone visiting our site can trust that our team has carefully vetted every article to meet these standards.

We do not present any information to advertise or promote a product because we focus on creating beneficial content. While EVERBLISS may mention products relevant to the topic presented in a particular article, we explicitly state that we do not receive any form of compensation for featuring a particular product on our website.

True or False? Our Fact-Checking Policy

We stay true to our goals of delivering accurate information by basing every claim on existing scholarly research. You can count on our editors to fact-check every claim we make in our articles. We are dedicated to delivering accurate information to our readers. As such, we avoid making baseless claims in our written projects.

Regarding sources, our team conducts a deep dive into medical journals and government reports to substantiate our work. We want our readers to know that all information we present on our website comes from authoritative sources. This way, they can trust that EVERBLISS only provides relevant and trustworthy information.

Guaranteeing Accuracy: Correction Policy

Our team recognizes the ever-changing nature of the medical field. These developments may render some of our published works outdated. As soon as new information is available, we update any affected articles once we confirm its relevance to the topics we cover. You can rest assured that our team maintains our high-quality standards even after publication.

At the same time, we recognize that some articles may contain minor grammatical lapses that get past our editing team. In such rare cases, we immediately correct these errors as soon as they are brought to our attention. Despite these mistakes, we guarantee that EVERBLISS remains a reliable source of information by continuously improving the quality of our content.


All articles featured on our blog are meant for informational purposes only. Our written content does not constitute medical advice despite containing scholarly and authoritative backgrounds. As such, we remind our readers not to treat any information we present in the articles as professional medical advice.

Our content may also suggest specific treatments and medications that come with unique risks and benefits, requiring a doctor’s input before proceeding. Be sure to speak with your primary healthcare provider to address any concerns you have regarding your physical or mental health.